PRE-SERVICE PRAYER | 7:30am | Pastor John's Outer Office | Join Pastor John along with other faithful men and women to pray for the Sunday ministries of NCFF. Prayer is the most important ministry of NCFF, and this meeting is crucial to the spiritual well-being of NCFF. If you are a prayer veteran or would like to learn how to pray, please come. You will grow spiritually as you see and experience the Holy Spirit at work.
WORSHIP GATHERINGS | 9:00 & 10:45am | Main Auditorium
CHILDREN'S CHURCH | 9:00 & 10:45AM | Hospitality Room and Children's Rooms
MSM (MIDDLE SCHOOL MINISTRY) MORNINGS | 10:45am | Student Ministry Center
ADULT BIBLE STUDY | 9:00am | In The Shack | Dr. Gil Kinch and Elder Ron Marks  teach a variety of topical studies throughout the year. Anyone can drop by to attend on any given Sunday, as this is an ongoing adult study.
ADULT BIBLE STUDY, RIDER CLASS | 10:45am | In The Shack | The Rider Family dissects varies Books of the Bible throughout the year. This is an ongoing study that welcomes adults.
MSM (MIDDLE SCHOOL MINISTRIES) | 10:45am in Club 56 Room  &  6:30pm in the Student Ministries Center | get ready each week for fun games and activities that Middle Schooler's love, the Bible gets explained and lives get changed because Jesus is the middle of it all.
HSM (HIGH SCHOOL MINISTRIES) | 6:30pm | Student Ministry Center | Sunday nights are a mixture of crazy games, good friends, fun videos, worship and an eye-opening focus from God's amazing book, the Bible. Our goal is to give high school students a peer group of believing friends and tons of reasons to follow Jesus. Our heart is to grow high school students that will boldly bring Generations Y & Z to know and love Jesus. 


YA (YOUNG ADULTS) | 6:00pm | Student Ministry Center | Join Intern Bella Curcin as she plans activities for men and women between the ages of 18-26.  Dinner, BBQ's, firepits, movies, hiking, surfing and in-depth studies designed to steer futures towards God's faithful promises are just some of the fun planned throughout the year.


MEN'S BIBLE STUDY | 6:30am | Hospitality Room | Get up early and start your day off in an amazing way! This group works through the Books of the Bible precept by precept, line by line, creating a love for God and relationships that last a lifetime.
CAFE PLAY | 9:00am | Auditorium | Play time for Mom's and their children (infants through pre-school age). This group connects in ways that only Momma's and little ones can! Super fun time with warm coffee and tea for the grown ups and cool toys for the kids.


LEGACY | 10:00am | Student Ministry Center | Gather with the seniors as they work their way through topical studies designed to strengthen our relationship with Jesus and with each other.
SEWING FOR MISSIONS | 12:00pm | Hospitality Room | This ministry group meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month. Can you sew a button? Knit or crochet? Don't know how and want to learn? Join the team that creates evangelism tools and practical supplies for our local, regional and overseas ministries. The nicest person on the planet (Sandy Douma) leads this kind, generous and fun loving group.


MEN'S BREAKFAST & VIDEO JOURNAL STUDY | 8:00am | Student Ministry Center | This group studies and supports each other each second Saturday of the month while they munch on breakfasts goods and sip on strong coffee. Contact Jay for current study material and breakfast details.

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If you would like to learn more about what we do here at NCFF during the week or throughout the year, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.