10.02.21 Saturday E-Blast

Happy Saturday NCFF!

More and more I am hearing people address the possibility that we are getting closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. My response is simply to say, of course we are! Everything that is happening in our world right now, as disturbing as it may seem to be, is actually setting the scene for the fulfillment of what God has always promised would ultimately happen. Beloved, we are rapidly heading toward the Rapture; which will be followed by the Tribulation; which will end with the Return of Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Once Jesus comes back, He will rule over this world for 1,000 years until He brings about the Final Judgement culminating in the creation of a brand-New Heaven and a brand-New Earth. I left out a bunch of details, but in terms of the big picture, that’s where things are headed. So, while today may at times seem like a rocky ride, for us as Christians, it has an exciting destination that is beyond wonderful in terms of what God has planned for eternity.  

Now having reminded you of what is to come for us who follow Jesus, I want to ask you a question. Here it is: What should we be doing today as we wait for God to fulfill His promises regarding the future? I think there are a number of things we could say in answer. Sharing the Gospel with people who have not surrendered to the Lord Jesus as their God & Savior is tops on the list. But another item that is vitally important has to do with improving the spiritual & relational life of the Church as we wait for the Lord of the Church (Jesus!) to rapture us to Heaven. So, as we gather tomorrow (online or on campus) at 9:00 & 10:45 AM, we’ll be studying 3 John 9-15 with a message I’m calling, HOW TO MAKE CHURCH BETTER.

Please join us for this important message and to sing God’s praises, celebrate communion, gather a “Blue Bag” offering of food for the local foodbank, take a second offering at the door for our benevolence ministry as you leave, love on each other, and seek to become a better church for Jesus.

Finally, I want to remind you that we will be holding a farewell dessert reception for Pastor Mike and Eva Hague on Monday, October 11, from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. You will have an opportunity to verbally express to them your appreciation for their ministry with us and to financially participate in a love offering for them. Please plan on coming to bless this precious couple.

Looking ahead to a great day with Jesus and you, tomorrow.
Luv ya!

Pastor John K. Nagle

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