8.27.21 Friday E-Blast

August 27, 2021
Happy Friday NCFF!

Time for an overall update on what is happening at NCFF in light of this COVID outbreak that is sweeping through Clatsop County, including our church staff and some in our congregation. No doubt about it, NCFF does seem to have been the object Satan’s attack, both physically and spiritually. However, our Lord has a plan in place to carry NCFF through these difficult days and to use us to bring the Gospel to our community. In fact, now more than ever before!

I’ll start with the staff update. Brandon, Gil and Bella are holding things together for us right now. They are completely well. Thank you, Jesus! Unfortunately, Mike has tested COVID positive so he is now out until some point in early September. Marti is 100% improved and plans to be back next week. Joe and myself are moving slower in our recovery, although we are hoping to be back at work sometime next week also. Please keep our staff and congregation in your prayers for healing and protection.

Let me share with you regarding our scheduling update. Because of this DELTA VARIANT outbreak, we feel it prudent to stick with our online service only, for this Sunday, August 29, and for the following Sunday, September 5. We look forward to resuming our on-campus services, Lord willing, on Sunday, September 12. We are simply wanting to practice an abundance of caution. Please encourage everyone you know to tune in and be a part of these worship times online. We will premier our services on Youtube, Facebook, and our NCFF Website Sunday, August 28 at 9:00am! Pastor Paul has recorded another creative worship time for us musically and Pastor Brandon is guiding us back into the Scriptures again this week. His message is entitled, WE HAVE A PURPOSE. He has shared with me what he will be teaching and it will be excellent for us all to hear.

Here’s some great baby update news. Paul & Sarah had their baby on Wednesday! He is a fine big boy weighing in at 9lbs., 4oz. and 22 inches long. “Marlow David” is his name, and he is an absolute cutie. Baby and mama came through everything just fine. Praise the Lord. Big brother Deacon is going to have someone new to grow up with and love. Congratulations Brooks-Dudgeon family!

As you undoubtedly realize, not meeting like this is hard on our gregarious congregation. Please take the time and find ways (outside of our Sunday worship gathering) to connect with your fellow brothers and sisters in this body of believers. Make phone calls. Send emails or text each other. Gather as small groups. Do whatever you can do to help encourage one another by building bonds of faith, hope and love. We’re all missing each other right now, so please give some extra effort to loving one another just as Jesus commanded us to do!

Finally, please continue to generously give to the ministry of NCFF. We’ve been slowed down for a couple of weeks, but NCFF will be back to “full steam” soon. In the meantime, we still have many financial obligations to meet as we support our ongoing ministries in the community, our campus maintenance, our staff and our missionaries around the world. You can give online at our website, by using our app, through the mail, or by dropping by the office. We are genuinely grateful for your support and pledge to use every dollar to advance the cause of Jesus Christ. Indeed, if you’ve been watching the news at all, it is tragically obvious that this hurting world desperately needs our Lord and the salvation He offers. Honestly, I’m praying that all of us at NCFF will be fully healthy again asap so that we can all be actively sharing Christ here on the North Coast. The Gospel is the Good News
Luv ya!

John K. Nagle
Lead Pastor



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