8.7.21 Saturday E-Blast

Happy Saturday NCFF!

When you were a child, perhaps you heard the song with the line in it that read, “Jesus loves the little children; All the children of the world.” Or, maybe you recall another children’s song, Jesus Loves Me. That tune had this line in it, “Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong.” Okay, now you won’t be able to get those songs out of your head all day! 😊 And this is good because I want to share with you today some updates regarding our ministry to children in our North Coast community.

For the past few months, we have been blessed to have the interim leadership of both Eva Hague and Sarah Brooks-Dudgeon over our children’s ministry. Together, they have done a great job, and we are very grateful to both these women for their loving service to the kids, NCFF and Jesus! At the end of August, Eva will be stepping away from her interim position to pursue a career promotion to a new leadership role within the Astoria School District where she currently is employed. Congratulations Eva!

Fortunately (PTL), Sarah will remain with us and will increase her hours to provide consistent ministry leadership to NCFF’s children’s ministry. Thank you, Eva, for stepping in to serve at a crucial time, and thank you, Sarah, for staying with us at this pivotal time. God bless you both!
Now there is just one “little catch” to make everyone aware of. Sarah is going to be out for a couple of weeks to welcome a new baby into her family. The due date is August 16, and we ask you to be praying for a safe and healthy birth, both for baby and mommy. Eva and Sarah have a good plan in place to keep children’s ministry running smoothly during this timeframe. And please, remember to pray diligently as we continue our search for our new Children’s Ministry Leader. We are employing the resources of a Christian ministry that helps churches like ours find qualified personnel.

It is really exciting to see how things are coming together for the start of our new preschool here at NCFF. The start date is September 13, and we currently have 11 children enrolled. Our wonderfully qualified & loving teachers, Arlene Stahly and Patti Craig, have been busy get rooms and spaces ready for the arrival of our first group of kids. Just today, Rosey Howell, a long-time member of NCFF and a CPA, agreed to take on the financial oversight for the preschool. Rosey is a great addition to this ministry team. Our goal for North Coast Preschool (NCPre) is to help little ones start the journey of becoming a follower of Jesus for life!  Just this past weekend I ran into a mom, who I knew as a local kid, that now has a son of her own and has her little guy already signed up for NCPre. Please be praying for our preschool. We’d like more students, and we also have a lot of details that need to come together before we start.

Finally, I want to give you a heads-up regarding tomorrow. I am super excited because we have 7 people who are being baptized! Additionally, Kayton Garcia will be leading worship for us again, and I will be teaching from 2 John 4-6. The message I’m sharing is called HOW TO BE HAPPY. Honestly, I know that sounds a bit shallow; but please take my word for it, this is not a lightweight presentation. We’re going to learn much about the character of our God and the desire He has to turn your mourning into gladness! So, join us here on-campus or find us online.

Luv ya lots!
Pastor John K. Nagle

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Louis Press - August 7th, 2021 at 11:23am

Thank you for keeping us informed.

Looking forward to tomorrow. 😊😊