7.3.21 Saturday E-Blast

Happy Saturday NCFF …

Tomorrow is a doubly special time at NCFF because it is both the first day of the week when we customarily gather to worship Jesus, and it is also July 4th, when we celebrate our nation’s birthday. PRAISE YOUR NAME JESUS & HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

It is also an ideal occasion to teach upon the relationship between Biblical Christianity and American Patriotism. What are the connections between the two? Are “Jesus’ way” and the “American way” simply synonymous terms for the same way? As believers, where are we to place our loyalties, and how are we to see our priorities?

This is actually a very controversial topic in the American Church that has been inflamed by the environment of stress and super-charged issues created by COVID. Fortunately, God answered these same sorts of questions for the early church when it began 2,000 years ago in the Roman world of Nero & Caligula. The direction God gave then is the same teaching we need to be hearing and applying to our circumstances here in our modern world, this July 4, 2021. To help you prepare for Sunday’s teaching I’d encourage you to read ROMANS 13:1-7 and 1 PETER 2:11-17. Please be praying for the teaching of God’s Word as we explore what Scripture says to us about the connection between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of men, including our own.  

And because tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month, there are a few ministry reminders I want to bring to your attention. Please remember to bring your BLUE BAG donation of food for the South County Food Bank. NCFF plays a major role in feeding the hungry of our area. Also, we’ll be taking up a second offering at the end of the services for our Benevolence Ministry that helps people within our church family who are experiencing financial difficulties. Don’t forget, we’ll be celebrating COMMUNION together as a church family as well. Finally, for those of you involved in CHILD SPONSORSHIP in our Kenyan village of Rakwaro, Crissy Christian has just returned from visiting Rakwaro and has letters from the village kids for you. Please connect with Crissy at NCFF this Sunday to retrieve your letter from your child.    

I hope you’ll be able to come to NCFF in person tomorrow; but if not, please do join us online. Pastor Paul has planned a really excellent time of worship that will lift up Jesus in worship and encourage us (His followers) to grow in faithfulness. My love to you all …

Pastor John K. Nagle

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