6.26.21 Saturday E-Blast

June 26, 2021
Happy Saturday North Coast Family!
Brandon Read here, the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries. I have had a wonderfully blessed week here on the North Coast, as the sun is showing its full glory, the ocean has been a welcome retreat, and the full effect of summer is here. I am also blessed because I am a part of the Church, and I must say it has been an exciting season to be the Church these past few months.
If you have been reading our weekly e-blasts you may have heard us share about Rooted, and how last week we just wrapped up this 10-week all-church initiative where we were not only speaking on what it means to better understand God, our purpose and the church, but we had over 200 people meeting in homes weekly sharing life together and lifting each other up in prayer and support. Most memorable part of  Rooted was hearing everyone’s stories. Just about each one of the 200 participants shared how they discovered Jesus and what Jesus has done in their life. These stories were some of the most powerful parts the gatherings, and some had never shared before. We would hear how God had worked through some tough stuff in peoples lives, and it helped us really know and love on one another. In the past few months, North Coast lived out more and more of what we are called as the Church to do: love, connect, grow and serve.
That brings us to this week—after the celebration and into summer. We are outside, playing a bit more, and maybe even kicking back. I want to encourage you all to remain focused on being The Church! Kick back as the Church, play as the Church and live our everyday lives as the Church. For those of you who were in a Rooted group, make sure you keep connecting with your new family. If you were not a part of Rooted but you know you need some true connection to the church, then we can help you join a community so you can grow in your faith with others. NCFF has just gone through an amazing time of growth and gathering together, which we all needed after 2020. This is not the time to stop, this is a time to remain focused on being The Church to the North Coast of Oregon!
Tomorrow we will have a fantastic time of fellowship. Our worship team will lead us musically and we will be having Jay Held with us. Jay is the Executive Pastor at Sonrise Church in Hillsboro, where we have a solid friendship with their church. Jay has shared before here at North Coast, and we are very excited to have him be back with us. I have had a few people ask me if we will still do testimony stories in our services now that Rooted is done, and the answer is yes we will! Tomorrow we will also be launching our new “NCFF Stories” where a member of our church shares how God is shaping their lives.
Tomorrow will be a great day, but I want to remind you all,
stay focused, and let’s be the Church!
Thanks guys!

Brandon Read
Associate Pastor, Students and Communication
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