6.12.21 Saturday Eblast

Happy Saturday NCFF …

As you read through the Gospels, it is apparent that Jesus loved children. He took the time in His incredibly full and “on mission” daily schedule to notice them, speak to them, hold them in His arms and work miracles for them. He also illustrated many of His teachings to adults with stories from the lives of little ones. The very decision to follow Jesus is what makes one a child of God.

NCFF deeply loves children too. This is why I am excited to share with you two very significant developments in Children’s Ministry here at NCFF. The first has to do with the start of North Coast Preschool. A number of Sundays ago I asked the church family to pray about the possibility of NCFF starting a preschool. Leadership has sensed, what we believe to be, guidance from the Lord to take this step of faith as an outreach to our surrounding community. Two well-qualified and outstanding women of God, Arlene Stahly and Patti Craig, have come forward to be our teachers. God has blessed us with our beautiful facility which is so well suited for ministry as a preschool. Our prayer is that the Lord will use “NCPre” to provide early childhood education in a safe and loving environment to lead preschoolers and their families to faith in Jesus and faithfulness to Jesus.

Our goal is to begin classes on September 13, running M-F from 8:00 AM to Noon. We will need to have enough preregistered students to allow us to fund a modest budget that will also be dependent on outside donations in addition to tuition. Interested people may begin calling the church office for more info and to offer contributions. Please be praying for the Holy Spirit to continue to lead this exciting venture. If this all comes together as we hope, what a sweet blessing this will be to many families in our area.

The second significant thing I want to share with you regarding Children’s Ministry at NCFF has to do with future leadership. As I hope you will recall, Sarah Brooks-Dudgeon and Eva Hague have been providing transitional leadership to NC Kids (Nursery – 5th grade). We believe the time has come to pursue a new full-time Children’s Minister for NCFF to help our church further expand our outreach to children and their families. We are so grateful to these two ladies for helping our children’s ministry to grow and move forward. NCFF staff and elders are in agreement and have just commenced a search for this new leadership individual. We’ll be working with a Christian staffing organization named “Slingshot” who has assigned Traci Tront to be our consultant in the search. Please visit their website (www.slingshotgroup.org) to learn more about the organization and Traci as well. We’re excited to be working with both! NCFF has been placed by God in a strategic place and time for bringing Christ to the families of Clatsop County. Please be praying for the Lord to supply the person who can help us reach more young families than ever before!

Tomorrow at NCFF (onsite & online) presents a great opportunity to gather in the Name of Jesus to worship God, study the Bible, fellowship with mutual followers of Christ and encounter the transforming touch of the Holy Spirit. I truly do hope you’ll be a part of it! Luv ya lots …

Pastor John K. Nagle

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