6.5.21 Saturday Eblast


Happy Saturday NCFF!
It was the hardest time ever in the life of this nine-year-old boy. His dad, a career Navy veteran, was transported by emergency ambulance to the nearby Naval hospital in Southern California where they lived. He wasn’t expected to survive. The cardiological issues with his diseased heart appeared to be insurmountable. The boy, his mom and little brother feared the worst.

Once the ambulance left, the next-door neighbors, an older couple named Tom and Una Mae, came over to the young boy’s house to provide help and support. The two families hadn’t been close, but that was about to change. These two neighbors became genuine friends to the boy’s family. In fact, they provided after school childcare and evening meals for the boy and his brother over the course of the next two months. These caring people made it possible for the mom to go every night after work to visit her husband during his slow, but sure, recovery. They were remarkably kind and reassuring.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the boy and his family, the dad was well enough to come home from the hospital. It was a great day for that family. Tom and Una Mae, the amazing next-door neighbors were there to celebrate the dad’s return as well.

The recuperating dad, the boy’s father, asked these two neighbors a question. “Why,” he wanted to know, “have you helped my family so much? We hardly know you!”

Their response was simple and direct. “We’re Christians,” they said as they proceeded to share with the dad how the Gospel of Jesus Christ had changed their lives forever. The dad wasn’t ready to become a Christian right then and there, but he did take his family to church, Tom and Una Mae’s church, the next Sunday. And a month later that dad, mom, boy and brother had each placed their faith in the Lord Jesus as their Savior and God. All thanks to the testimony of two people who took the time to show the Gospel of Christ and then share the Gospel of Christ to a family in need.

That nine-year-old boy was me. That was my family. Through the testimony of these two believers who took the time to befriend the Nagle family and who told us how to follow Christ, I have walked with Jesus for most all of my life. Thank you, Tom and Una Mae. Thank you, Jesus.

Please join us tomorrow at NCFF, onsite or online, as I share with you a message called, “WHY & HOW WE SHOULD TELL OTHERS ABOUT JESUS.” We’ll worship the Christ who gave His life so that we might be brought back to God and one day enter Heaven. We’ll be celebrating communion, singing God’s praises, collecting Blue Bag food donations for the South County Food Bank and taking a special offering for people in our church who are in need. It is going to be a special day because Jesus will be there. I pray you will be also! Luv ya …

Pastor John K. Nagle

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