5.29.21 Saturday Eblast

Happy Saturday NCFF

Memorial Day weekend turns Oregon’s North Coast into a hub for tourists, friends and family. It is great fun to see all the life and celebration happening here in this beautiful area of ours.

There is a lot of life and celebration going on at NCFF also. There are two things to share with you - starting with COVID-19 masks. NCFF is no longer requiring the wearing of masks. The CDC has said that vaccinated folks do not have to wear masks inside or outside; that 6 feet social distancing is no longer required for them and that the vaccinated are safe from COVID. We also realize that some of our people are prayerfully and conscientiously choosing not to take the vaccination. NCFF will not be asking anyone if they have been vaccinated. Sanitizer and free masks remain available at the entrances for anyone who would like to use them. Come & worship Jesus!  😊

This Sunday we will begin Week 8 of ROOTED, our churchwide emphasis on Biblical discipleship through community. Our focus tomorrow will be, HOW DOES GOD VIEW MONEY? I’m excited to teach about God’s Scriptural guidelines that can help you get the most bang for your buck. The Bible has a lot to say to us how we, as Christians, are to use the money and material resources that God has entrusted to us. I think you’ll find the message very encouraging.  A great passage to read in preparation is Luke 12:16-18. Paul & the worship team have some great plans in place for celebrating Christ. The people of NCFF are the kindest & best. The Holy Spirit will be here to bless lives. Come & worship Jesus!  😊

As I did last week, if you are able to do so, I want to invite you back to onsite worship on campus. Many of you are returning in person, and it is such a wonderful thing to see you!  The smiles and joy have been amazing. As always, we will continue to reach out with our online ministry. But it remains true: There’s no place like home. Come & worship Jesus!  😊 Luv ya …

Pastor John K. Nagle

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